Wednesday, 13 September 2017

The boy and the poor alien

The Boy And The Poor Alien

Once there was a little boy who wore the clothes the colour of burning gold. His pitch black hair looked like a nest for an Andean condor. His cheeks always dimpled whenever he smiled. Every day he would count how many days left till Christmas.

Finally when the day arrived, he was the happiest creature in the whole galaxy. He woke up early and dashed downstairs. As he looked at the pile of presant his eyes opened as wide as jupiter. One by one he started opening his presents. When he finally opened his opened from his grandparents he found a telescope.

He tried to run to his room fast but the weight of the telescope made him walk like an old grandpa with a stick. When he reached his room he looked out at the extensive galaxy faraway in the space. As he was looking around suddenly he saw something shining on an undiscovered planet.

As he zoomed his focus closer he saw a little alien the colour of ruby red diamonds, with a head the size of a chair and enormous eyes that looked like eggs. The creature’s face showed that he was starving and wanted help. When the boy’s tears reached his foot he started to think of a way to help the poor alien.

Suddenly he came up with an idea, he went down to the basement where his parents made different kinds of inventions. The boy started making a spaceship in which he could go out to space and help the suffering alien. Days passed until he had finally finished making the spaceship.

He turned on his spaceship and went out to space. Launching the spaceship caused  his basements roof to break, but he didn’t care because he was still picturing the poor alien. When he got to outer space he saw a bunch of planets, a billion times the size of earth.

When he reached the undiscovered planet he saw the lonely, suffering alien. He went back inside his bag and got some meatballs out and gave them to the alien, he started eating them like a greedy pig. The more he ate the bigger his smile got.

On returning to earth the boy shared news of his discovery with the world’s greatest astronomers. They awarded him with $1,000,000 and named the planet after him. The  was so grateful for the help he decided to return to earth with him. The boy used his new riches to buy himself and the alien mansions in which they spent the rest of their days inventing and playing together.

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Thursday, 24 August 2017

Fairy tail with a twist

Once upon a time there lived a poor widow who had an only son named Jack.

Their home was dilapidated. The walls were crumbling with holes that let in freezing draughts and the roof was missing tiles that let in the rain and sleet. They were so poor that every day Jack had to wear ripped clothes with holes in them. Jack’s house never had any water so he could never take a bath, or even wash his face.

It was a bright morning and in desperation the widow had sent Jack to sell their cow. As he trudged along the bumpy path he saw a mysterious man with a moustache. Jack was convinced  to sell the cow to the man in exchange for some magic beans.

When Jack presented the beans to his mum she flew into a rage and locked him in his room. She tossed the beans out the window in disgust at Jack.

Next morning, the beans had turned to a huge beanstalk which covered their whole vegetable garden. All their vegetables that the widow had been working on for years had been crushed under the weight of the stalk.

Jack decided to climb the beanstalk. Jack struggled trying to get to the top as pain attacked him like a shock, but he never gave up. The sticky branches felt like duct tape pulling at his skin and finally, after climbing branches like an ape he reached his destination.

When he got to the top his eyes were pointing straight at an immense castle as wide as a soccer field. The golden, glittering colour drew him to it’s magnificence. As Jack wandered around the castle he saw a magnificent door the colour of burned vivid ink and the size of a farm. Jack saw a little gap under which he could squeeze. When Jack got inside his tiny eyes moved around in circles in amazement and his mouth opened as wide as his face suddenly Jack saw a red ruby from the corner of his eye that looked very attractive to him,so he stole it and put it in his pocket.

But unfortunately for Jack there was a detecting sensor which rang out as loud as a car horn and the giant rushed in like a racehorse. The giant’s breath was as windy as Wellington. Jack saw the giant and his heart started beating like he was having a heart attack. The giant’s saw Jack and he screamed. Terrified, Jack rushed out of the castle and down the beanstalk as the giant raced after him. Jack clambered down the beanstalk as quickly as he could. The giant’s weight made the beanstalk sway to and fro and Jack lost his grip and fell down hurting his head knocking him out momentarily. As he fell he dropped the valuable ruby he had stolen from the giant’s castle.

As he came to, he was aware of the giant towering over him and dialing 111 on his cellphone. Jack realised he was in deep trouble and he felt very scared and was full of regret for taking the red ruby. The police arrived and charged Jack with theft. Later in a court Jack was sentenced to in ten years in prison. Jack had learned his lesson and now you have too,  you should never steal.